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Genießen Sie ein entspanntes Mittagessen und nutzen Sie zugleich die Gelegenheit zum Netzwerken. An allen drei Fachbesuchertagen lädt der VDR die Gäste seiner Mitaussteller zum Business Travel Lunch ein.

Hinweis: Bitte haben Sie Verständnis dafür, dass außerordentliche VDR-Mitglieder (Supplier) grundsätzlich nur im Rahmen eines Termins mit dem VDR oder seinen Mitausstellern Zugang zum Home of Business Travel by ITB & VDR haben.

ITB Business Travel Track

As the landscape of business travel undergoes rapid change, the Business Travel Track hosted by VDR (German Business Travel Association) invites industry professionals, innovators, and thought leaders to collaboratively shape its future. Explore cutting-edge technologies, sustainable practices, and adaptive strategies that redefine the way we approach corporate travel. Through shared insights and collaborative efforts, we aim to build a resilient, efficient, and people-centric business travel ecosystem. Join our sessions to be at the forefront of industry evolution, fostering innovation and connectivity in the ever-changing world of corporate travel. Together, let's pioneer the transition and chart a course toward a more agile, sustainable, and rewarding business travel experience.

Programm 06. März 2024 | Green Stage | Halle 3.1




  • Christoph Carnier, President, VDR & Senior Director Travel, Fleet & Events @ Merck
  • Jens Schließmann, Executive Director @ VDR 

Beyond Rebound: Charting the Next Course for Global Business Travel

2024 marks a pivotal year where the world is back to "business travel as usual." Or is it? GBTA CEO, Suzanne Neufang, delves into the latest insights and global and regional forecasts from GBTA's Business Travel Index™️ Outlook, and outlines evolving trends and transformative factors poised to shape the industry for travel buyers, suppliers, business travelers and beyond.

Suzanne Neufang, CEO @ GBTA | Global Business Travel Association | Mehr zu den Referierenden


On the Move: Pioneering Last Mile Innovations in Business Travel

Gain valuable insights from the latest GBTA and FREENOW research on business ground transportation trends. Understand the evolving preferences and challenges of the modern traveller and discover strategies for travel managers to navigate the dynamic landscape. The research also highlights sustainability as a key concern in ground transportation. Are you already measuring your ground transport emissions?
Join us for an insightful keynote where practical solutions and strategic insights converge to shape a more sustainable future for last-mile mobility.

Ferdinand Hanika, Strategic Partner Manager @ FREENOW for Business | Mehr zu den Referierenden


Navigating the challenges of business travel in 2024 - with sustainability top of mind

In 2024, business trips are still very present in the lives of employees. Considering business travel is the second most important expense to companies after salaries, travel managers need to be cost-conscious. This, along with corporate climate reporting and employee needs, is on the agenda for travel managers to consider this year.
Uber for Business helps companies take the work out of business travel. Through an online central dashboard, travel managers can oversee corporate travel programmes with flexible rules and streamlined reporting. Our platform provides corporate travellers with access to rides, meals for delivery, eco-friendly ride options, and easy expensing in over 70 countries.
During this session, we’ll look at the current challenges for business travel, the evolution of the corporate traveller's experience, and the importance of sustainable ground transport.

Franck Monsauret, General Manager France, DACH, Northern & Eastern Europe @ Uber for Business | Mehr zu den Referierenden


From mystery to mastery: a guide on how digital processes elevate quality and customer excitement

Join Markus Seitner from SIXT for a captivating journey where you will together unravel the mystery of the term "quality". Because - have you ever really thought about what "quality" really is and how it influences the success and the value of a brand? Have you ever thought about how the definition of quality differs for manufacturers of physical goods compared to service providers? Have you ever thought about how drastically digital processes can help to improve the quality of a service experience and therefore elevate customer excitement? No worries if you haven't so far - not only will you get answers to those questions but you will even get a guide with a clear game plan, how you can use digital processes in your company to create excitement for your internal and external customers. And yes - of course we will also talk about AI.

Markus Seitner, Director Sales Marketing & Product Enablement Corporate Sales @ SIXT | Mehr zu den Referierenden


AI with a Human Touch: Elevating Business Travel While Keeping People at the Heart of the Journey

Join TravelPerk for a session which explores the power of AI in reshaping business travel. While AI streamlines workflows and reduces costs, we’ve harnessed it to enhance, not replace, the human element crucial for business success. Our approach to AI fosters efficiency and empowers our teams to excel in customer support and complex tasks without losing the personal touch. Join us to learn how AI is not just a cost-cutter but a transformative tool that doubles our capabilities across our organisation, while maintaining exceptional customer satisfaction.

Eugen Triebelhorn, Managing Director & Country Head DACH @ TravelPerk Germany | Mehr zu den Referierenden


LABOUR SHORTAGE: A never-ending story, or is there any hope?

Labour shortages are currently causing a stir in various industries across countless countries. In this age of globalization, one would think that national borders shouldn't stand as major roadblocks to bringing in skilled foreign workers. Alas, the journey is riddled with challenges such as bureaucratic red tape, murky processes, and sluggish integration into local job markets, hindering our progress. In this discourse, we highlight success stories of immigration policies that have effectively attracted skilled workers. Additionally, we pinpoint countries that are setting the benchmark, leading by example in this intricate dance of talent migration. Where does this journey lead us? That remains the lingering question.

Kathrein Walter, Vice President of Growth @ visumPOINT
Rafael Larrazábal, Sales Manager International @ visumPOINT
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