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BTN Hotlist 2021 Christoph Carnier | VDR

VDR-Präsident Christoph Carnier, Hauptgeschäftsführer Hans-Ingo Biehl und Taskforce-Leiter Patrick W. Diemer sind von Business Travel News Europe in die Hotlist 2021 in der Rubrik "People" für ihre Verdienste im Geschäftsreisebereich aufgenommen worden. Damit würdigt das Magazin auch das große persönliche Engagement der Mitglieder unserer Taskforce „Restart Business Travel“. Wir freuen uns sehr!

BTN Europe schreibt:

"Headed up by president Christoph Carnier (pictured), Germany’s travel managers association VDR has long been one of the most formidable organisations in corporate travel, noted for having the ear of both Berlin and Brussels and for its detailed, practical advice for members on legal and regulatory issues. VDR responded robustly to Covid-19 by appointing former AirPlus managing director Patrick Diemer to head a Restart Business Travel taskforce, while managing director Hans-Ingo Biehl’s 2016 prediction that Privacy Shield – a framework for enabling data transfers to the US – would be invalidated, was proved correct."

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