Sustainable Corporate Mobility

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Sustainability is no longer a buzzword, but a social necessity for the preservation of our livelihood. Legislators have manifested the urgency in recent years by imposing stricter requirements and companies are called upon to create and reduce their carbon footprint. The VDR Competence Team, a panel of volunteer experts, addresses the question: "What does the business mobility sector contribute to maintaining corporate mobility while achieving sustainability goals?" and develops concrete implementation tools for travel and mobility managers.

Guide to sustainability

How to succeed in implementation

Where to start and where to continue. The VDR 8-step model helps you to implement sustainable business mobility in a targeted manner.

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Business Cases

What sustainable measures have companies already implemented?

Do good and share it with other market participants to shorten the path for "imitators". According to this motto, companies share their measures that have already been implemented. What were the concrete steps, what are the first experiences?

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Sustainable tools in the business travel process

Find an overview of providers that support sustainability in the digital business travel process.

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Further education

Get fit for future requirements now

The VDR Academy offers training courses on the subject of sustainable business mobility. Learn from the professionals!

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VDR Competence Team Sustainability

Networked to the result

The VDR Competence Team Sustainability acts as a central committee and contact for sustainable business mobility.

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