Sustainable Corporate Mobility

Initiative #VDRNxT: Sustainability in Business Travel Management

The initiative of the German Travel Management Association (VDR) on sustainable corporate mobility was launched in December 2021 and has mobilised more than 100 interested parties, committed persons, member and non-member companies, providers and demanders. In five workstreams, the taskforce is exploring the question: "What can and does the corporate mobility sector concretely contribute to the topic of achieving sustainability goals?" and developing concrete implementation tools. We will present the results of the individual workstreams here shortly. Follow us also on LinkedIn under #VDRNxT.

Workstream 1: Creating transparency

Determine CO2 footprint as basis

How can the CO2 footprint of your own company's mobility be determined with the help of reliable data? This lays the foundation for further measures. But standards are lacking and transparency is required.

Workstream 2: Raising awareness

Communication of sustainable measures

How does the topic of "making corporate mobility sustainable" become a matter for the boss? And how can the awareness and knowledge of each individual in the company be increased? Political decision-makers are also needed to create framework conditions.

Workstream 3: Offers of the service providers and suppliers

Which offers already exist and are available

From booking to invoicing, from arrival to departure, without appropriate offers, sustainability goals cannot be achieved. What products are available to implement sustainable corporate mobility?

Workstream 4: Travel policy and mobility budget

Anchoring measures to achieve the company sustainability goals

The question arises whether incentive systems or guidelines lead to the goal of implementing sustainable measures in the company. Is the travel policy even the appropriate instrument and what can a mobility budget contribute to becoming "greener"?

Workstream 5: Business Cases

What sustainable measures have companies already implemented?

Do good and share it with other market participants to shorten the path for "imitators". According to this motto, companies share their measures that have already been implemented. What were the concrete steps, what are the first experiences?

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Ludger BalsTask Force Lead VDR-NxT
Sandra Jahn | VDR
Sandra JahnReferentin Themen und Veranstaltungen